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Refreshing Your Personal Brand to Stand Out to Recruiters

Set yourself apart from the crowd to get the job that you’re looking for.
March 31, 2024
10 min read

Refreshing Your Personal Brand to Stand Out to Recruiters

Set yourself apart from the crowd to get the job that you’re looking for.
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Searching for jobs in Canada can be daunting, especially if you have minimal work experience. As a new Canadian,  entry-level job seeker, or student looking for jobs, one might find it difficult to land the opportunities that you desperately need due to systemic barriers and challenges in the application process.

By now you have likely struggled through the task of creating a Canadian-style resume, worked hard to identify your skill sets and tried to match them to job postings on various platforms. So, what comes next? Like so many other jobseekers, you receive a generic rejection email or you do not receive any feedback from the recruiters. You might have also wondered if anyone actually had time to review your profile and get to know more about your skills beyond your resume. At Picsume, we believe that the resume is dead and quickly losing its relevance, effectiveness and utility to job seekers and recruiters.

How can you revamp your personal brand and stand out to recruiters, essentially improving your chances of landing that dream job? Here are some useful tips to help you get started:

First, Create a Picsume Profile

Picsume is an awesome tool to help you get started! It is a comprehensive, candidate-first AI powered employment platform which connects job seekers to employers through the use of dynamic live work profiles. You can easily share your profile by sharing a customized URL, QR Code or ATS-enhanced PDF version for more traditional recruiting processes. Check out this article on 6 Tips for Success on Picsume to help you build your dynamic work profile.

Research Buzzwords in Your Field

Next, take some time to research popular buzzwords in your field of expertise or interest and customize them to suit your personal brand. A catchy profile or career summary is a great tool for getting you noticed, especially if it incorporates these buzzwords. You could also include buzzwords as part of your work experience and watch how your brand starts to get noticed. Picsume harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to curate your skills by parsing your resume and highlighting the most relevant skills that will get you noticed! All of this happens in just a few seconds and sets you on your way to landing that job.

Create a Brand Statement and Elevator Pitch

A brand statement and elevator pitch are a great way to summarize your career highlights and interests in as little as 30 seconds – the length of an average elevator ride. Think of hard-hitting, memorable and engaging statements that can easily captivate your target and encourage further discussion. On Picsume, you can include your elevator pitch as an intro video which you can easily share with a customized URL or QR code that leads to your dynamic work profile.  

Leverage Your Dynamic Work Profile to Seize Organic Opportunities

Now that you have a Picusme profile, lookout for opportunities to leverage this amazing tool and showcase your dynamic work profile. For instance, attending networking events, career fairs and community events are a great way to seek organic opportunities to meet with potential recruiters, contacts and mentors. When the opportunity presents itself, you can simply share your profile to highlight what makes you stand out and provide an easy-to-access bird’s eye view of your skills, expertise, salary expectations, availability and so on. Never miss an opportunity again!

Showcase Your Thought Leadership Online

Sharing your thoughts on leading industry topics or telling a story of your professional journey could present the opportunity to showcase your thought leadership. On social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, lending your voice to trending topics and embedding your Picsume profile as a resource can help you stand out. If you are thinking of branching into a new career path, discuss how you are exploring this path and also highlight what you have learned.

Use your ATS-Optimized Profile PDF to Target Traditional Recruiters

Finally, as you encounter more traditional work opportunities that require a document, you can simply customize your dynamic profile on the go and save it as an ATS-optimized PDF version. Remember, you are in control of how much or how little you want to share. Hopefully, as you continue to explore the workforce revolution, traditional recruiters catch up soon enough, eliminating the need for the resume and improving the job seekers’ experience overall.

Don’t forget, joining the workforce revolution is a great way to refresh your personal brand and showcase just how amazing you are – beyond the confines of a traditional resume. Build your Picsume now, be impactful and stand out from the crowd.

Written by: Sayo Samuel-Dada