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Harnessing Volunteering as a Tool for Landing Your Canadian Dream Job

Increase your chances of getting a job while simultaneously contributing to your community.
March 31, 2024
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Harnessing Volunteering as a Tool for Landing Your Canadian Dream Job

Increase your chances of getting a job while simultaneously contributing to your community.
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As a newcomer, fresh college graduate or someone looking to switch careers, it may seem difficult to land your dream job in Canada. This may be due to inherent challenges with the Canadian workforce which includes systemic barriers such as ‘no work experience’. Volunteering offers exciting ways to land that dream job.

At Picsume, we believe that the Canadian workforce needs a revolution. We are making efforts to provide opportunities for jobseekers to find their dream jobs, gain career experience and give back to their communities. Curated volunteering opportunities on the platform are designed to bridge the gap for jobseekers as they improve themselves while working towards a fulfilling career.

In your community, identify organizations that need volunteers and are working to address causes you care about. If you are passionate about their objectives and target beneficiaries, this is a rewarding way to be busy and occupied, filling your days while you wait to land your dream job. Consult online community resources to learn about organizations in your area where you can volunteer. For instance, the Government of Canada has curated a comprehensive list of registered charities and settlement agencies where you might be able to identify an organization to volunteer with. Toggle the filters to select your desired location.

Now, you might be wondering just how useful volunteering could be in landing you that dream job. We have compiled some useful information regarding the benefits of volunteering in your community and how to leverage opportunities to eventually secure a job:

Access Organic Opportunities to Get You Hired

Volunteering is a great way to give potential recruiters some insight into your abilities to deliver on the job. For instance, as you contribute your skills and expertise to furthering the goals of the organization and contribute to the wellbeing of beneficiaries, they can observe your behavior, assess your soft skills, teamwork, and attitude to work. Although there might not be openings or positions within the company that suit your skills during your time there, future opportunities might become available – chances are, they would want to recruit you rather than someone that they do not know personally. Even if you do not secure opportunities at that organization, you may be recommended for a role within another organization because they can attest to your skills and work ethic.

It is important to remember that you should always be authentic and not volunteer solely for the purpose of landing a job. If you truly have a genuine interest and passion for the cause, you will get noticed for the right reasons, rather than coming across phony.

Make Useful Connections and Networks

Volunteering can lead to useful connections with individuals/mentors in your field that can serve as key resources in your professional journey. As you engage in activities within the organization and your community, you will get the chance to meet and engage with individuals that you might not have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. This could present a unique and valuable learning experience from these mentors who could also serve as great references in future. The connections you make during your volunteer experience will expose you to resources, programs and associations that could help you further your career goals.  

Get Hands-On Experience

Volunteering is a great way to gain the much-needed work experience to attract recruiters.  As a volunteer, you have an opportunity to learn on the job and it is easier to make mistakes and improve from them. As you learn from these mistakes you can rely on the guidance of supervisors and other colleagues which will also help to improve your soft and technical skills. As a volunteer, supervisors and colleagues are also more open to giving you useful feedback because they recognize that you are still learning the ropes. This is also a great way to accumulate Canadian work experience while you are contributing positively to your community. Volunteering also promotes a sense of fulfillment as you improve your skills and expertise while supporting your community.

Volunteering Looks Good on Your Resume, and Now Your Picsume!

Studies have shown that recruiters value volunteer experience. Amongst a number of other factors, it shows that you are dependable and passionate. Volunteer experience is also a great way for recruiters to assess your work ethic and how you might fit into their organization. Although jobseekers may be unsure whether to include volunteer experience on their resume, we believe it could be a key factor in making sure you stand out in a competitive job market.  

In conclusion, volunteering is a very potent tool for improving your skills and increasing your chances of securing your dream job when leveraged properly. Picsume can support you to curate the entire scope of your volunteer experience in terms of hours worked, in addition to your achievements and availability. The platform also provides functionality for jobseekers to receive endorsements for their reliability and work ethic. In the coming months, the platform will present curated volunteering opportunities that align with organizational priorities, candidates interests and skills in SouthWest Ontario. Join this exciting workforce revolution in Canada for a candidate-first, streamlined experience to get you hired!

Written by: Sayo Samuel-Dada